About the Division of Molecular Evolution and Development

How complex animal body plans could arise in evolution is one of the fundamental questions in biology. We address this question by investigating the underlying genomic, molecular and developmental processes that led to the diversification of animal body plans. We use cnidarians (jellyfish, corals and anemones) as model organisms to understand the evolution of key bilaterian features: bilaterality, central nervous systems and three germ layers.  Read more

Comparative and experimental genomics of birds and flies is used to reveal the mechanisms leading to the evolution and differentiation of sex chromosomes.  Read more

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Ekaterina Pukhlyakova published a paper in PNAS about β-catenin mechanotransduction


Rohit Dnyansagar wrote a paper about cnidarian relationships across the Atlantic


Stefan Jahnel defended his PhD thesis


Daniela Praher completed her PhD.


New COSB colloquium scedule is out!



PNAS paper about axis formation

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