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PhD Position: Group of Dr. Simakov

PhD position available at the Department of Molecular Evolution and
Development (LINK). Cephalopods (octopus, squids, cuttlefish, and nautilus) are
fascinating animals to both the general public and science. The
evolution of the molecular cascades specifying their complex nervous
system and development remains elusive. With the recent decoding of the
octopus genome, cephalopods are becoming increasingly important for
molecular studies of the underlying genomic innovation. We are looking
for an enthusiastic student with interdisciplinary background or
interest to explore approaches in bioinformatics and experimental areas
to investigate the ancient transitions in the genome architecture and
function in cephalopods. The student will take part in several ongoing
and future cephalopod genome-related projects, with a major aim of
reconstructing the molecular basis of the ancient transitions and early
diversification within the clade. Utilizing the emerging small
cephalopod model species Euprymna scolopes (Hawaiian bobtail squid),
the functional aspects of those known conserved and novel regulators
can be studied during development. The work will be integrated and
highly collaborative with several groups at the University of Vienna
and the Center for Organismal Systems Biology
in particular the Departments of Molecular Evolution and Development,
Integrative Zoology, and Neurobiology, as well as other research
institutes. Additionally, the student can be associated with either of
the two Vienna Doctoral Schools "Molecules of Life" and "Cognition,
Behavior and Neuroscience".
Description and application procedures at the University website: .
Contact for questions: Oleg Simakov